customer testimonials


"I've always been really happy with the service I get from speedtech. They are knowledgeable and helpful. They brought in the clutch for my Sr and it was fairly priced and came quickly. Every time I leave this place I leave satisfied and excited to do the next thing on my car!"

- Aaron Y., 2016

"I was gonna give up on my Subie but Jesse totally restored my confidence in the car!

Excellent and fair prices and top notch work. I will never take any car anywhere else anymore. Speed tech restored my faith in mechanics.

Great guy, great shop, fast, good work!"

- Roberto Buttazzoni, 2016

"Great work done on our truck, upfront on what was done! Definitely recommend having your vehicles serviced with speedtech!"

- Cheryl Mitchell, 2015

"Rock star guys! Informative, straight forward. And they exceed your expectations. True enthusiast work here. So if your looking for a shop who can do it all right the first time. These are your guys. Keep up the great work!"

- Thejus Swamy, 2013

"speedtech is an excellent shop the owner and mechanic is very good at what he does i wouldnt dream of taking my car to someone else as i have seen first hand the bad work some performance shops do. customer service here is great i have always left happy or satisfied"

- Slim W., 2016

"Really excellent full service auto shop. He does everything from daily maintenance to full blown race cars. He personally helped me get some welding done on a car, as well as arranged for an OOP inspection and also has access to parts at fair prices. The shop also has a dyno! I recommend this place for the high quality and quick turnaround work."

- Kevin Kolasa, 2016

"I have a highly modified race car that Speedtech not only keeps running but improves it each and every time Jesse works on it. He is a diagnostic genius and does everything he can to get me back on the track and going fast! Awesome shop with even more awesome staff! I take every vehicle I own there."

- Shirley Benson, 2015

"Only mechanic that knows what he's doing no matter what he's doing. Straight up, informative, helpful... Guaranteed quality work without shortcuts."

- Mitchell Christiansen, 2015

"Always quality work whenever I send my car in. Jesse really knows his stuff ."

- Caleb Diiwu, 2015