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customer testimonials


"Speedtech provided exceptional customer service before, during, and after returning my vehicle. I had my engine swapped and knew nothing about the process. Amanda took the time to help me understand what needed to be done and explained my options thoroughly. All of my questions and concerns were answered professionally and my vehicle was returned to me earlier than expected. I had to get my A/C recharged at a different establishment (Speedtech does not provide this service) of my choosing. I felt that I was quoted an unreasonably high price so I phoned Amanda to ask her opinion and she confirmed that I was being gouged. She referred me to a different company and I saved hundreds of dollars. I have driven a few thousand kilometers since having the engine swapped and can attest to the integrity, passion, and quality, as demonstrated by their services."

- Shannon Turner, 2017

"Jesse and the team at speedtech are truly professionals, if you are a serious car enthusiast go and check them out you will not be disappointed."

- Cesar Benitez, 2017

"I've always been really happy with the service I get from speedtech. They are knowledgeable and helpful. They brought in the clutch for my Sr and it was fairly priced and came quickly. Every time I leave this place I leave satisfied and excited to do the next thing on my car!"

- Aaron Y., 2016

"I was gonna give up on my Subie but Jesse totally restored my confidence in the car!

Excellent and fair prices and top notch work. I will never take any car anywhere else anymore. Speed tech restored my faith in mechanics.

Great guy, great shop, fast, good work!"

- Roberto Buttazzoni, 2016

"Great work done on our truck, upfront on what was done! Definitely recommend having your vehicles serviced with speedtech!"

- Cheryl Mitchell, 2015

"Rock star guys! Informative, straight forward. And they exceed your expectations. True enthusiast work here. So if your looking for a shop who can do it all right the first time. These are your guys. Keep up the great work!"

- Thejus Swamy, 2013

"speedtech is an excellent shop the owner and mechanic is very good at what he does i wouldnt dream of taking my car to someone else as i have seen first hand the bad work some performance shops do. customer service here is great i have always left happy or satisfied"

- Slim W., 2016

"Phenomenal shop!!! Got recommended to these guys by 780cars when I purchased my first clean JDM ride. Jesse and his crew are exceptionally knowledgeable and go beyond in there work. Amanda at the front desk provides the best in customer service and treats you like family. Always left there with professional work done and a pocket full of cash from the amazing prices. The Speedtech team is HIGHLY recommended."

- Travis Bauer, 2017

"Really excellent full service auto shop. He does everything from daily maintenance to full blown race cars. He personally helped me get some welding done on a car, as well as arranged for an OOP inspection and also has access to parts at fair prices. The shop also has a dyno! I recommend this place for the high quality and quick turnaround work."

- Kevin Kolasa, 2016

"I have a highly modified race car that Speedtech not only keeps running but improves it each and every time Jesse works on it. He is a diagnostic genius and does everything he can to get me back on the track and going fast! Awesome shop with even more awesome staff! I take every vehicle I own there."

- Shirley Benson, 2015

"Only mechanic that knows what he's doing no matter what he's doing. Straight up, informative, helpful... Guaranteed quality work without shortcuts."

- Mitchell Christiansen, 2015

"Always quality work whenever I send my car in. Jesse really knows his stuff ."

- Caleb Diiwu, 2015