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Ready for the dyno?

We want to make sure you are unlikely to run into any mechanical problems with your vehicle. Before you book in for a tune or just rating your HP, please download or print the Pre-Tune Checklist and Information document. If you are not too familiar with how your set up works, this will guide you. This will also inform the tuner and the person operating the dyno that your car has been fully checked over, built properly... basically that it's good to go.

If there are areas of your car that need attention, please call to book an appointment addressing these issues well before the tune day. 

These forms MUST be signed and either emailed or brought in BEFORE your tune! 



Pre-Tune Checklist and Information

Dyno Day Waiver and Disclaimer

 These are editable in the .pdf viewer. Just save and email to us at Info@SpeedtechEdmonton.com